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Editor and tabs


  • Can be of same size which helps in closing multiple tabs quickly
  • Shortcut support such as Ctrl + W, Ctrl + Tab etc.,
  • On checking in the control takes to next available tab which may not be intuitive
  • When opening new tab from existing tab such as "Edit Interface" / "Edit Action" etc., the new tab can be placed right next to the existing tab instead of moving it to the end.

  • In Dataset window, clicking enter doesn't takes to next cell. Instead takes to new row every time
  • Ability to re size all columns. Something like select all and just re size any column to fit all columns based on data
  • Indentation for control structures such as if - end if, while etc.,
  • Ability to collapse sections or steps in editor
  • Bright color for steps to visually distinguish sections. Right now we are using both sections and steps (Steps for breakdown of test case in test result and Sections for breakdown of test case in editor)

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Dear Sathish,


Thank you very much for the request. We have put some of this items in this request into our product backlog and some of them we will need to discuss with you to clarify the requirement. We will get in touch with you by phone to schedule a meeting time that works for you.




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