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Left Hand Mouse

Need TA to determine the mouse setting before the "Click" action so that it clicks correctly.  By default if a left handed user selects "switch mouse settings", TA performs right-clicks instead of left clicks.

We are using our test modules as documentation so we need the clicks to read correctly (one suggestion was to change the click type from left to right).

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Hi Hiroaki,

Thank you for the feature request. We have this logged in our system as a feature request. I will keep you updated on that status of that.



Any news on this feature?

Thanks for your follow up Brad, I checked with our product team and were updated they have no plan for it yet but you can do it by yourselves using harness

Supported in TA 8.2. TA generates the proper left/right clicks based on the specified click type in action 'click' regardless what mouse setting (left or right) is set. You don't need to change anything in the action lines. Just switch the mouse and enjoy.

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