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Create access to Result Folders

Given that latency issues arise when results folders contain to many results, it would be nice to have the ability pass the uploadresulttorepos argument on the command line with a result location that does not exist and have it be automatically created. Currently we generate between 1000-1500 results on a daily basis and have to have them organized in a daily folder structure to prevent latency with the client. Adding a folder for each day of the year within each of the different test type folders (regression,sprint,bugs,etc) is a very tedious manual process.

I understand your situation and I am with you. Let me check this out and keep you posted.

Hey Danny,

I've checked and this feature request had been added to our product backlog. We planned to have this feature available in 8.3 update 2.



Sounds great! Please let me know as soon as it's available

Sure thing Danny

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