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TA string action has some issue

set variable s " time is before 2014-07-17 11:27:57" set variable time #right(s,8) >> so time is 11:27:57 set variable date #left(right(s,19),10) >> My expected result is: date is 2014-07-17 but actually date is result is >> #left(right(s,19),10) -> 527 Does anyone know this is why ?

Hi juan wang,

Thank you for your question. Which TA build are you using? I could not reproduce this issue on my machine using TA7.3.0.739_64bit. Attached files is my script and result.



Support Engineer

(22.5 KB)
(11.4 KB)

Hi all,

I think you were using a variable with name "left" on script and result went failed. Please refer to the script and result below.


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