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Control the PASS/FAIL/WARNING output to the Results

Need a way to control the state of the test execution and/or check to the result.  We would like to send a "Pass" to the results even if the test fails. Or in other words, can we set the state of the test execution to the results regardless if the test passes, fails or warns?

Hi Hiroaki,

Thanks for your request. I will check with our team if we have this feature in the future, and get back to you shortly.




Hi Hiroaki,

Could you please let us know use case of the request?

In next release, we have feature 'Mark known bug' to ignore any failures that QA team has posted to Dev team and waiting for the fix. We can demo it to you sometime this week. 






Here are a couple Use Cases for our request to control the result to the log:



UseCase1:  We have unit tests for our Actions and would like to show a PASS for some of the negative scenarios.  For functional tests we can fashion tests to make sure negative tests show a PASS but for unit tests it is much harder to do.

UseCase2:  For functional tests we can make negative tests PASS in the results but we often need “If” statements and other things that make the test less readable.  It would be easier if we could control the output to the results.



I hope these 2 cases offer additional help to understand our need.  Please let me know if you would like additional discussion.
















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Solution was proposed by using existing features and it meets user's need. Thus, this feature request is marked "Not Taken"

Solution: Use Built in action 'check file/control not exist' for negative test cases

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