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How to capture screen shot of the application for warnings?

 Right now there is no setting in the lines of "on error action" for warnings. There is no way to implement custom logic when a warning is triggered by TA. Example of custom logic: Capture screenshot of the AUT

Hi Sathish,

I guess you want to handle unexpected things like from the test script, it will click on a control but the control is not there. If so, you can use "on error action" to specify custom action that will be call (for example...error handler) in case error happens. In this "error handler" you can call "capture screen" to capture screenshot of AUT, restart or close AUT and run next test. You may want to take a look at help file for "on error action".

Please let me know if my guess is correct or clarify your idea and we will be happy to discuss with you in detail.



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