This document lists out supported features/tools as well as limitations when working with Internet Explorer using Test Architect.

Supported features/tools

  • Execution
  • Applicable built-in actions (web and other platform-independent ones)
  • Applicable built-in settings
  • Element Definition (ED)
  • Viewer, included the below functions:
  • Highlight
  • Auto-highlight
  • Identify object
  • Action Recorder (only available for IE)
  • Screenshot Recording

Automation technology

Currently, Test Architect employs two technologies for automating test on IE

  • BHO (Browser Helper Object)
    • All applicable BIAs/BIS are supported.
    • All properties are supported. It can be TA properties or native properties.
  • Generic Webdriver technology
    • All applicable BIAs/BIS are supported.
    • Not-supported:
      • This technology is built on top of Selenium so there are only certain properties are supported such as xpath, id, name, class, css selector….
      • Headless mode (execute test without GUI): because the InternetExplorerDriver is Windows-only, it attempts to use so-called "native", or OS-level events to perform mouse and keyboard operations in the browser. That means it requires GUI to be displayed for the test to be executed.
      • Multi harness execution (execute multi instance of IE simultaneously): With the creation of the IEDriverServer.exe, it should be possible to create and use multiple simultaneous instances of the InternetExplorerDriver. However, this functionality is largely untested, and there may be issues with cookies, window focus, and the like. If you attempt to use multiple instances of the IE driver, and run into such issues, consider using the RemoteWebDriver and virtual machines (Source: