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TA integration with Jenkins

Hi.. I am interested in running TA scripts with each Jenkin build. How can I do so?

TestArchitect has capabilities that make it easy to integrate it into a Jenkins-based continuous integration setup.

Ensure that the Jenkins server has the xUnit plugin installed. The plug-in gives you relevant information about your test results, such as trends over time. It has a Web interface that allows you to examine test reports, monitor failures, and more.

Install TestArchitect on a different host than your Jenkins master server to avoid Java issues.


Continuos Integration

Much of this cyclic process may be automated with the Jenkins CI system. Software builds may be triggered by code changes, and automated testing can be triggered by build completion. Test results can be quickly built, analyzed, and reported, allowing defects to be addressed early in the coding process.

TestArchitect - Jenkins Environment

The following components make up a typical Jenkins-based CI infrastructure with integrated TestArchitect:

  • Workstations for software development with a shared source control server, such as SVN or CVS.
  • To administer the CI process, you'll need a Jenkins master server.
  • A test execution machine or many test execution machines. Each must be configured as a TestArchitect controller as well as a Jenkins slave.
  • TestArchitect must be installed on at least one system.

Allow for the creation of tests in TestArchitect Client, as well as a repository for test-related project objects such as test modules and results, and the generation of test controller execution batch files.

Note: On a Jenkins slave, TestArchitect may be installed, but not on the Jenkins master. 

If you need more help regarding Jenkins - then check out Jenkins Tutorial you will find more information.

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