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How to reinstall testarchitecg

This is on RedHat RHEL 5.5
We installed TestArchitect 7.3 on a RHEL 5.5 machine but then decided that we installed it into the wrong directory.

After deleting the bad installed we tried to install again only to be met with the messageĀ 
"Another version of TestArchitect is already installed. Please uninstall it before installing the new version"

Does anyone know how to get past this?


Hello Jeffery,

I am so sorry that I couldn't reply to your topic earlier.

Regarding to this question, I also see that you have a support ticket (#1129) and it was resolved by yourselves. We really appreciate if you can share your solution.

For your information, when you install TestArchitect, some tracking files (like TA version) will be added and it will not be deleted by removing TestArchitect folder. It appears to me that I will need my dev team to take a look at your machine to remove these tracking files so that you can install TA again.

To avoid this, you need to run uninstall script.

I hope this helps.



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