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The TestArchitect Automation Agent add-on for the Firefox browser is installed and enabled on the test platform. However, TestArchitect is unable to recognize Firefox pop-up windows or their controls. During test development, the Interface Viewer fails to recognize and capture such windows; during test execution, they are again not recognized, resulting in automation errors.

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TestArchitect cannot detect popup windows in Firefox if the browser is configured to launch such windows in modal mode, which happens to be the default. The problem is that TestArchitect interface definitions generally identify windows by their title properties, and modal windows lack this property. In order to allow TestArchitect to recognize popup windows and their controls in Firefox, you need to tell Firefox to open popups in non-modal mode.

Follow the steps below to configure the necessary setting:

·        Open Firefox and navigate to about:config. A warning message may be displayed. Click the OK or “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button to continue.

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·        Search for the setting prompts.tab_modal.enabled and change its value from true to false.


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·        Restart Firefox to ensure that the modification takes effect.

·        Now, any popup dialog opened by the target application in Firefox is launched in non-modal mode. Any such dialog has a title property, ensuring that the Interface Viewer and TestArchitect automation are able to identify it and its controls.