User case

Sometimes, you may have a situation where you need to work with non-Latin characters within your test scripts. For example, you may be working with an application from Asia.


TestArchitect can work with Japanese and Chinese characters through the PREFERENCES dialog box.

In TA, select menu Edit->Preferences… 


In the ‘Preference’ dialog, we can choose the name of the character set with the ‘Test edit font’ option and click “Save” to active the font which you selected.

You can view a simple example for more details:

1. Requirement :

- Enter the Japanese text into the textbox

2. Verified point:

- Check just entered content exists in text box.

Step by step:

1. Launch TA and select menu Edit->Preferences…

2. Select “Arial Unicode MS” in the “Test Edit Font” list box, and click “Save” to close dialog.


3.  Use the ‘enter’ action with “私はあなたを愛しvalue into “user name” textbox

4. Verify that “私はあなたを愛しexists in the textbox.

Test Script:


Observed result: