User case

You have a large-scale, complex test environment. Tests are divided over multiple projects. This can be problematic, since the same actions and interfaces may be needed throughout multiple projects.


Project subscription

By default, test modules are not able to access items from outside projects. This feature can be enabled through the use of the project subscription feature. A project can be “subscribed” to another project. Once this is done, all of the actions, interfaces, and data sets from that project are accessible within the current project. A project can subscribe to any project accessible to the user, including projects in different repositories. Note that, if an item exists in both the subscribed project and the current project, the item in the current project will override the subscribed item.

1. Right-click a project and select “Subscribe to…”


2. The Subscription window will open, with a list of available projects on the left. Select a project to subscribe to, and click the > button to subscribe to it. To subscribe to all available projects, click the >> button. Click OK when finished.


3. The project is now subscribed to your project. You can now access actions, interfaces, and data sets from the subscribed project within your project. Items from the subscribed projects will appear as red items at drop down selection menus, as shown below.