User case

In certain situations, you may need to utilize Microsoft Excel with TestArchitect test modules. For example, you may want to show a test module to someone that does not have TestArchitect. An ideal approach to this problem would be to send the user a copy of the test module in Excel format. Another situation would be if you are working on a machine that does not have TestArchitect installed. An ideal approach for this situation would be to export your existing test module in a format that would be modifiable by Excel.


It is possible to export a test module as a .csv file:

1. Right-click the test module you want to export, and navigate to Export…→ to CSV file


2. Select the location you want to export the CSV file to, and click OK.


3. A window will appear confirming the exporting is complete.


4. You can then open up the CSV file to see your test module exported into an Excel-friendly format.


It is also possible to import CSV files into TestArchitect. This allows you to create and/or modify test modules outside of the TestArchitect console.

1. Set up a test module in Excel.


2. Save the file as a .csv file.

3. In TestArchitect, right click “Tests” and navigate to Import…→Import from files…


4. Select your CSV file.


5. A window will appear when the importing process is complete.


6. Your test will now appear in TestArchitect.