User Case

During running a test module, you see a test item which is a certain error occurs and want to continue to execute the next test item that is possible with Test Architect.


Let follow the simple example for more details.


1. Requirement:

Running whole test lines in the test module.


2. Verify point:

There are 2 errors and 2 passed points are displayed in result.


3. Test script:



We can stop it by 2 ways: manually and by automation


Ø Manually:

· There is an error during execution test script; we see the “Automation Problem” dialog is shown. 


· Click on the “Continue” button, the execution is continued to run to next test items. The result is displayed as below:

 Note: If you want to stop at the error point, you will choose the “Stop” button. The execution stops and the result show.


Ø Automation:

· In test module, you use “setting” action to set “note level” with value is “0” in the “Initial” part.



· Execute to test script.

· After execution is completed, we verify there are 2 errors and 2 passed point in the result.