User Case

TestArchitect is sold on a node-lock or floating license basis. After installation, any or all floating licenses can be converted to dedicated host-based licenses as needed to meet the needs of your organization, but the node-lock license is locked onto one machine and cannot be converted to another type. This machine is called License Server.
Here is a typical single active license server configuration:


Some reasons make License Server becomes unavailable at Client/Controller:

1. Network disconnect at License Server or Client/Controller or both

2. Power of License Server is off

3. License Server and TestArchitect are installed in the same machine. When uninstalling or upgrade TestArchitect, some files which relate to License Server are able to remove

4. License key is out of date


1. Check network connection

- Network icon

- Ping license server


2. Check License - Expiration Date


3. Reinstall License Server for the last solution

For more information, please take a look at License server for TestArchitect