User Case

For the convenience of the user, default values for actions can be set when creating a new action or modifying an existing action in TestArchitect.


There are 2 ways to set default values for window, control, and arguments in an action.

· Set value for “default value” column in “Arguments” table

1. Right-click the Actions folder, or its subfolder, and click New Action.

2. In the New Action dialog box:

 Note: If there is an existing action and user can modify default the value in it, Right-click the existing action to open it then click on the “Information” tab.



· Set a value for the default value argument in the action.


· Example:

Create a Login action with default values as below:

- Username is John

- Password is  empty

Test script:

Create a login action.


Open the “login” action.


When the “login” action is used in the test module, the default value of the argument in the action is displayed automatically.