User case

One type of license offered is called a “run-only” or “agent” license. This type of license only allows a machine to execute already written tests. However, the TestArchitect client should not be opened to access a run-only license.


There are two ways to execute tests using a run-only license:

1. The test can be executed from a machine using a full license. The tests will be run remotely on the run-only license machine. The run-only machine will automatically obtain the appropriate license from the License Server before execution. More information regarding remote execution can be found in the “Remote test execution” help article.

2. From the “Execute Test” window on a full-license machine, a batch file can be created containing test execution information. That batch file can be moved to the run-only machine, and the test can be executed by running that batch file. More information on how to create a batch file can be found in the “Creating a batch file” help article.