TestArchitect can generate tests by recording your interactions with the application under test. The Action Recorder allows for the recording of control actions (for example, click and enter) as well as testing actions (for example, check andcheck control property).

What you will learn:

  • How to record actions on controls
  • How to generate a check action
  • How to update interface definitions using Action Recorder


  • Installation of TestArchitect client and server software
  • Active TestArchitect license
  • Connect and login to SampleRepository
  • In the Car Rental project, add the new test module Recording Lesson and check it out
  • Select Tools > Action Recorder Settings… and ensure that the settings are set as follows: 

Audience: Testers, Automation engineers

Duration: 2 hours

  1. Introduction to the Action Recorder
    Typing action lines into test modules manually is fine for some projects, but the TestArchitect Action Recorder can automate the process for you.

  2. Recording control actions

    Use the Action Recorder to record interactions with UI controls in the sample application.

  3. Defining a check action on a control

    Insert validity checks to confirm that recorded values are output correctly.

  4. Defining a check action on a property

    In addition to defining validity checks on input values, you can also define validity checks on control properties.

  5. Updating interface definitions

    When the Action Recorder generates actions that operate on windows and controls, it populates the arguments of those actions with TA names; if necessary, it allows you to define those names "on the fly".

  6. Summary: What you learned

    What you learned in this lesson: