The exercises in this lesson guide you through the creation of a test that simulates a user logging into the sample application, populating a text field and clicking a button.

What you will learn:

  • Creating a test (one that actually tests something)
  • Making use of a TA interface in action lines
  • Running the test and viewing results


  • Basic understanding of how a TestArchitect interface is used
  • Familiarity with the TestArchitect test editor
  • Essential understanding of TestArchitect repositories, projects and tests

Audience: Testers, Automation engineers

Duration: 2 hours

  1. Starting the sample application
    The Car Rental sample application mimics a reservation system for a fictitious car rental company. You will use this application in this lesson and others for your example tests.

  2. Creating the test

    Build a new test module based on the interface of the Car Rental sample application, and create a simple test that interacts with the AUT.

  3. Running the test

    Execute your test to have TestArchitect perform the actions you defined in your test module.

  4. Summary: What you learned

    What you learned in this lesson.