User Case

In certain situations, you may want to check whether specific text displays. For example, you may want to check “The username or password is incorrect.” displays when you enter invalid user name or password at log in page.


Normally, you may want to check others text as well so it will be much better to generalize this usage by create a high level action.

First, you can use the identify tool to identify and obtain properties of the specific text. In this case, you only need to care about the class (td) and “text” properties.

Second, you may use the Interacting controls dynamically technique to create a high level action for the same.

You can also use OCR actions like check text exists to get this goal. However we don’t recommend this approach unless you have to, since OCR has its own limitations.

In addition, you can utilize the get window property and check text contains actions to obtain the content of the entire page, then check that content for a certain value.