User Case

If your project has many tests, you want to run several tests one after another flexibly.



There are multiple ways available to run several tests one after another. You can choose among the three following methods:

Option #1: Add test modules to the Execute Test dialog box

1. Right-click the first test module to be executed, and then select Execute Test.

2. Drag other test modules to be executed node from the TestArchitect explorer tree and drop them into the TEST MODULES panel in the EXECUTE TEST dialog box.

3. Click the Execute button.


Option #2: Use the built-in action run test

1. Open an existing test module or create one and check it out. This module will be used to launch other test modules during its execution.

2. Drag test modules to be executed to the open worksheet of the first test module.

3. TestArchitect automatically inserts a run test action line for each of the dropped-in test modules.

4. Press F9 to execute the test.

Option #3: Run test suite

1. Create a test suite.

2. Execute test suite.


More details at TestArchitect Help _ User Guide -> Project and project items -> project items -> Test suites

Tip: You can right click and remove test