User Case

It is normal for the UI of applications under test (AUT) to keep changing by the day or even by hours. If automation test cases do not handle these changes well, any changes on UI may cause the tests to break.

A small modification has been made in text of the button Login in version 1.0 to Submit in version 1.1. If the automated test built for version 1.0 depends on the text value of the button, it will not be able to run regression on version 1.1. If there are thousands of places in AUT have been modified in the same way, the effort to maintain will be significant. So the question is how to make the test not fragile due to UI changes.


When capturing the UI, each control is listed with tables of TA Properties and Native Properties. The properties name or id are dependable identifier properties, since they rarely change compared with other properties (i.e. value, which reflects UI change). For that reason, selecting the property name or id to identify the control will help the test be more robust over versions of the AUT, since the UI map does not rely on UI but the name or id given by developers of the AUT.