User Case

You want to design a testing workflow (checkpoints as well as steps and expected results) before creating automation scripts. How do you do this directly from TestArchitect?

Example: You want to verify that user cannot login a website or application with invalid credentials in 3 cases:

- Valid username, invalid password

- Invalid username, valid password

- Invalid username and invalid password


1. Create a Test Module, define Test Objective and Test Case then check it into the Repository.

2. Check-out and expand the Test Module, then select the Test Case that you want to design steps and expected results by double-clicking on it.

3. You can design test steps, description, and expected results then click Apply.

4. Test steps will show up in Test Module.

5. Create scripts and run the tests.

6. After running tests, you can view the result of each step by double-clicking on the tested Test Case.