TestArchitect 8.3 Release


We are thrilled to announce that TestArchitect 8.3 is now available! In brief, with this newly enhanced version, you can broaden your testing scope from traditionally-supported platforms (desktop apps, web apps and mobile apps) to the new realm of web services and mobile browsers on cloud devices. Besides, TestArchitect now leverages new technologies to make your user-experience better than ever.
What’s new in TestArchitect 8.3?

  • · TestArchitect now saves test results of each test run in the XML format, so that the test results become smaller and you can view test results in any web browser with less memory footprint

                     - Customize how your test results appear by modifying the corresponding XSL files written in XSLT. 
                     - Better troubleshoot automation errors in the test results by navigating to the respective online troubleshooting topics. 

  • · Test your web service functionalities with the brand-new set of built-in actions and various authentication modes supported. You can also verify your web service’s JSON responses using our JSON actions. 
  • · Save time and cost while increasing test coverage by leveraging our mobile browser automation on cloud. Write tests once and run them on all WebDriver-compatible cloud services.


  • · Deploy your C# harness more easily through action bundles 
  • · Take advantage of GDI technology to automate ANY legacy Windows apps
  • · Test your web apps on Microsoft Edge 
  • · Test your web app’s responsiveness on Google Chrome Mobile Emulator 


To obtain the new release build:

Please contact LogiGear Customer Support at support@logigear.com or 1(800) 322-0333


For full details of all the new features, fixes and improvements in TestArchitect 8.3 see the release notes for WindowsMac or Linux on TestArchitect website.


As always, if you have any problems, or questions, please contact LogiGear Customer Support at support@logigear.com or call 1-800-322-0333

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