TestArchitect 8.2 Update 7 Release


LogiGear is pleased to announce the release of TestArchitect 8.2 Update 7.


The most notable upgrades for this release in this version of TestArchitect…


New features for TestArchitect Client are as follows:

· Diff tool – detecting differences at node and folder level, merging differences between folders and the external diff tool launcher.

· Opening TestArchitect online Help – You now have the option of having the F1 key open either TestArchitect’s local help file, or TestArchitect online help.

· Scheduling hit list clearance – Repository hit list clearance can now be scheduled to take place during non-business hours to avoid slow performance issues.


Enhancements to Existing features include:

Ø Improved integration with Team Foundation Server (TFS) – Microsoft Test Manager (MTM)

Ø Support for Work Item Query Language (WIQL) to upload TestArchitect results to TFS by automatic or manual means.

Ø Additional Ways to map TestArchitect projects to TFS under Visual Studio Team Services.

Ø TA Utilities: a library of APIs which allows you to connect to and retrieve data from a TestArchitect repository server has been updated. The following new interfaces and methods are provided (BaselinePicture, PictureCheck, TestModule, Project, Result)


New features for TestArchitect Automation are as follows:

· Microsoft Edge beta support. This release of TestArchitect introduces support for automated testing of web applications in Microsoft Edge.

· Support for mobile view of Chrome DevTools.

· Interface Viewer capture of transient controls.

· New timing-related built-in settings.

· New picture-handling built-in actions.

· New classes and API methods for user-scripted actions

· New built-in settings to avoid problems.


Enhancements to existing features include:

Ø Additional action lines generated by the Action Recorder.

Ø Capture Screen built in action. Additional arguments including window, control, left, top, width, and height have been provided to allow for capturing a specific area.

Ø Interface Viewer selective refresh: You can now perform a refresh on any given window in the Interface Viewer’s UI Explorer panel.

Ø Significant web control capture improvement: Detection of web app controls within Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox by the interface Viewer and point-to-identify tool is now significantly faster.


To obtain the new release build:

Please contact LogiGear Customer Support at support@logigear.com or 1(800) 322-0333


For full details of all the new features, fixes and improvements in TestArchitect 8.2 Update 7 see the release notes for Windows, Mac or Linux on TestArchitect website.


As always, if you have any problems, or questions, please contact LogiGear Customer Support at support@logigear.com or call 1-800-322-0333

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