TestArchitect 8.1 Release


Just released—TestArchitect 8.1.


TestArchitect 8.1 delivers new and enhanced functionality to make large-scale test automation even easier. This latest release adds Zephyr integration, Silverlight support, and enables test automation on iOS 8.1 and iOS 8.0.2. In addition to the newly supported platforms the release also includes new and enhanced time saving features.


What’s New


The powerful end-to-end test management tool Zephyr can now be integrated with TestArchitect to provide a full test and test automation lifecycle management. Test cases residing on Zephyr can be imported into TestArchitect and test cases and test modules in TestArchitect can be uploaded to the Zephyr server. Tests can be executed from either TestArchitect or Zephyr and have the test results automatically uploaded to Zephyr as ZIP files


Recognition of Silverlight controls are now supported to allow applications created with Silverlight (version 5) to be tested both in- and out-of-browser, and in windowless mode (allowing Silverlight plug-in's content to display directly in the browser window).


Test automation support is now provided for iOS 8.1 and iOS 8.0.2, making it possible to create automated tests for iOS applications running on the latest versions of Apple smartphones, including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Also included are specific built-in actions for each control class for simulating user actions on the controls and for retrieving data from them.


New Usability Enhancement

From login to comparison of project items, TestArchitect 8.1 provides time saving functionality. Below are the major new enhancements:


· LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) has been added to allow users to setup user login through the system account for simplified login and permission management.

· Users can now connect to and run queries against Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and MS Excel data sources.

· Related project items can be reviewed for similarities and differences using the new Diff Tool as opposed to side-by-side visual comparison.

· Built-in actions are now provided that allow XPath queries to find XML elements by their tags or attributes in an XML string.

· Class mapping for Android to map unknown Android controls to known TestArchitect controls.


Existing Feature Enhancement

Along with new features, a number of existing TestArchitect features have been improved upon in the new release:


· Go to Definition provides a one-click shortcut for item location.

· Instantly insert multiple new test lines into the editor worksheet.

· New, one-click shortcut keys for the test editor and item tabs.

· Improvements for re-signing iOS applications.


For more information on TestArchitect, visit www.TestArchitect.com. For more information about all LogiGear services and solutions, visit www.LogiGear.com.

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